Ski Rental & Equipment in Berwang


Our ski rental system is based on three categories, which allows us to offer the right equipment for every winter sports enthusiast. Depending on your personal level, you can choose between STARTline, COMFORTline and PROline - no matter which category you choose, we guarantee perfectly prepared skis that will make your vacation a pleasure!

Startline: are special skis for beginners. Easy to turn and perfect for the first turns in the snow.(RRP up to € 400,-)

Comfortline: are skis for guests who have skied before. A wooden core and the goring ensures good flex and stable skis in all snow conditions, whether icy or powdery. Turn-friendly skis that remain stable even at higher speeds. (RRP up to € 700)

Proline: these skis are for the sporty, elegant skier who already has experience. In this class you will find racecarvers for SL and RS, but also Alrounders for both. The perfect choice for the good skier. (RRP up to € 900)

Exclusiveline: in the exclusive line we have a very select range of skis for every ability level. The skis are from Stöckli, Kästle, Salomon and Fischer. Something very special and definitely worth trying out. (RRP over € 1090,-)

Risk contribution: this is a 10% charge on the rental price to cover any damage to the surface, edges and normal wear and tear during the rental period. This means that there are no subsequent costs (such as the cost of a service or full service). ATTENTION - the risk contribution is not insurance for the ski or board.

Our new touring equipment has the most modern rental system with pin touring binding. For those who prefer the "classic" version, we still offer the familiar frame bindings.
Are your children also interested in trying out a ski tour? No problem! From a ski length of 130 cm, we also offer touring equipment for your children thanks to special binding inserts.

Of course, the poles are included free of charge with your pair of rental skis. ATTENTION: In the event of a broken pole, there is a charge of € 15.00 for adults and € 10.00 for children.


As the link between the athlete and the sports equipment, however, the ski boots are the decisive factor for perfect skiing pleasure. We offer a wide range of ski boots. We can fit you with a personalized insole (at an extra charge) for every boot, to optimize the fit. You can then use the insole in other boots as well.

Other snow sports equipment

If you prefer other snow sports, we also offer a selected range of snowboards, cross-country skis, toboggans and other fun sports equipment in our rental shop.

Safety first!

Of course, helmets can also be rented from us!