Bike Guiding & Guided Tours in Berwang

Berwang and the entire Zugspitz Arena offer the perfect terrain for cycling excursions of all kinds. Whether romantic mountain lakes, breathtaking peaks or dreamy villages - the highlights of our bike tours never disappoint. Already awarded several times as the most beautiful bike region in Europe, the area offers a top developed bike network and diverse routes.
Since this year we offer our Sport-Alm guests the possibility to book guided tours. Together with us you can explore the beautiful region around the Berwanger Tal in the Zugspitz Arena, depending on your condition also beyond the borders. Our certified mountain bike guides will not only show you the wonderful area, but also provide helpful tips on your riding technique.


Summer 2022

 TimeDistanceVertical MetersPrice/Personwhen renting at Sport-Alm
Start2-3h20-30 km300-500 vm28,00 €19,00 €
Comfort3-4h30-40 km500-1000 vm38,00 €28,00 €
Pro4-6h40-60 km1000-1500 vm53,00 €38,00 €
Private   190,00 € / day190,00 € / day

Group courses take place with a minimum of 3 people.
The choice of tour depends on ability, fitness and group size.
The pace and level of the tour is always adapted to the weakest group member.
Pre-booking is necessary until the day before.
Private tours can also be booked for half days, provided there is a morning and afternoon booking on the program. Otherwise, only full-day tours are possible privately.