As of this year, we have been offering a new system in the ski rental with three instead of the previous two categories. This means that the right material is available for every winterathlete. Choose between STARTline, COMFORTline and PROline - no matter which category you choose, we guarantee perfectly prepared skis that will make your vacation an experience.

Ski & Shoe

We do not only rent out skis, we also have a selected range of sales skis. In order to find the right material for you and to maximize your personal skiing fun, you have the opportunity to test the skis before you buy them.

As a connection between athletes and sports equipment, ski boots are the decisive factor for perfect skiing pleasure. You will find a large selection of ski boots, which can be also customized to optimize the fit. We can also customize an inlay sole for each shoe.

We would like to notice that a (premature) withdrawal from the rental contract is only possible with a medical certificate.

Ski rental

Shoes rental

Helmets rental